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Dear Community

We have a case where the user does not see any subscriptions under "Show all subscriptions", but he still receives a mail with a pdf. attachement every day.

Where do I have (as an administrator) an overview of all subscriptions created?

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  • Kevin Bettenbrock
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    Hi Oliver!
    Hope all is well. Have you tried going to System Administration and looking at Broadcasting there?

    Link to Broadcasting documentation:

  • Hi Kevin

    Thanks for your message
    As we are not yet on the cloud, this broadcasting function is not offered in the system settings.

    I haven't found anything where I can see all subscriptions of all users.
    Are they possibly stored somewhere on a file?

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  • Leone Scaburri
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    Hello @Oliver Etterli,

    if the message is not sent through a Subscription or a Broadcasting the third option is a "Send To" presentation.

  • Product Management Team
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    Hello @Oliver Etterli,

    There are 3 main ways the user could receive emails regularly:

    • Send To --> Activated by each user individually in the Presentations area;
    • Subscriptions --> Activated by each user individually in any screen via the top-right dropdown menu;
    • Broadcasting —> Activated centrally be the admin via the Broadcasting menu in the System Administration Area; this functionality is available also for non-cloud customers ; it is not visible only if the customer did not purchase the related Broadcasting license;

    If the Broadcasting is not available on your environment , the user is probably receiving the email because of a Send To or an active Subscription to a screen. If you checked that the Subscription area for that user is empty , then the only option left is to check the Send To active .

    Overview of active scheduled notifications:

    • Broadcasting tasks scheduled can be seen by the Administrator in the related area
    • Send To and Subscriptions, there is not an overview for the Admin ; each user can access his own scheduled Send To and Subscriptions tasks via the menus described above; so the Admin user has to work with the specific users to understand if any notification is active.

    Having an overview for Send To and Subscriptions is a request we have already received and it is in our backlog of improvements. We invite you anyway to raise this on the Ideas Exchange area as a request for improvement to improve its visibility and assigned priority.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The Product Management Team

  • Hello,

    We've found the problem. The user still had open "Send to" tasks in the presentation area. Thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards,