users in permission groups



I've added an user in a permission group that I'm testing but I don't see any way for removing the user from the group. I'am an admin on the platform. Did you encounter this situation ?

thank you,



  • Crystal Zhao

    Hi Catalina,

    I would try adding them to a different group and seeing if this removes them from the previous one. Can you try that?

  • Catalina

    Hello Crystal,

    The permission groups act completely strangely now. I don't even manage to add an user in a group. When I'm looking for an existing user, it says no data though the user exist. I looked both for the user I wanted to change its group but also for an user that doesn't exist in groups. I checked with all search criteria.

  • Samson Sunny

    Hi Catalina,

    We haven't seen any issue or bug related to the Permission Groups page. Kindly clear the cache and refresh the page to see if the user is reflected in the permission group. If you are still facing an issue kindly raise a case to the Board Support portal ( and we shall look into it in detail.

    Also you can manually unselect the Permission Group from the Users sections of the User.