Dataview Feature to change the color of single row based on condition


I think it will be useful to add a feature to change the color of a single row based on condition/cube value…

Example :

We have Forecast cube displayed by month (as ROW), we need to display the ROWS of ACTUAL months (Jan-Jun) in green, and the rest of months (Jul-Dec) in red

Thank you team !

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  • Samir Jones
    Samir Jones Active Partner
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    Hello @Amir Abed,

    The following suggestion assumes you have FC and AC in the same column but want to differentiate them by color.
    If you have the Month by row, you could have a hidden block where a cube/algorithm states if it's AC or FC with number (i.e. AC=1, FC=2), and then you have Color Alert on the visible cube.

  • Amir Abed
    Amir Abed Active Partner
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    Hello Samir,

    Thank you for your reply
    Yes, we can do it this way

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