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Is there a simple way to rename a data model name (in bulk) in call procedures?

Hi all,

I'm wondering if there is an easy solution to rename the data model name in call procedures in bulk.

I've just read the best practice with regards to data model names, and it's to bad that during the implementation of BOARD (years ago) we didn't take this into account. While implementing BOARD, the consultant used our company name as data model name. Now we are in the situation that we really want to change the name of the data model, taking into account the best practices, and give it a more general name.

What I did was creating a new data model and restore a backup to this new data model with the wanted name. It resulted into the situation where all our call procedures where still referring to the data model with our company name. Is there an instruction manual available or discussion tread what steps needs to be done (what are the pros and cons) to get this done? What should be taken into account? What is affected by this change and what needs to be adjusted? For example, I'm aware that our capsules should be transferred as well from the old data model (name) to our new data model (name).

Good to know. We only have 1 data model in use, so all call procedures should be renamed to the (one and only) new data model name. Hopefully there is a quick and easy way to do this.

If there is no automated way to redirect the call procedures to the new data model name, should this be the best approach?

Go to "Impact analyses"

From "Links":

  • Select from "What" —> Procedures
  • Select from "Linked to" —> "Data Reader" and "Procedures"

From "Analysis"

  • In the column "Detail" you can filter on the call procedures (and you can even see in which process step the call procedure is, so very nice!).

From here you have to run through the list of all call procedures and rename them in the procedures?

Really apricate it if somebody knows a quick way to change it, because I never knew that we had a lot of call procedures to a data model. Normally (when I'm building myself nowadays) I don't make a lot of use of the call procedures, but work (if possible) rather with groups instead of a lot of different procedures to call in a sequence (how it's build now). Most of the effected call procedures are not used somewhere else again… I think the implementation partner did it to structure the data load. It's of course a choice you have to make as developer and as long as the name of a data model doesn't change, it was never a issue for us to structure the process steps in different procedures instead of (a long list of) groups in 1 single procedure.

BR, Mathijs

Accepted Answer

  • Leone Scaburri
    Leone Scaburri Employee
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    Hi @Mathijs Boef,

    you can use the option Run on current database. If enabled, the called Procedure will be executed as if it belonged to the current Data model (regardless which is the selected Database in the call action).


  • Hi Leone,

    That's quite helpful. It would mean that, from the list created out of the impact analysis, I can put the checkmark on "Run on current database". This would still require some work to run through all call procedures and would leave me with a call procedure mentioning the old data model name (showing the company name, right)? That would not be the ideal situation to be honest.

    Would be great that, if this box is checked, the data model name is empty. Now if the box is checked it can still be confusing that another data model is mentioned but not used. But maybe this is something I have to put in the idea exchange probably :-)

  • Samir Jones
    Samir Jones Active Partner
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    Hi @Mathijs Boef,

    I've had the unfortunate experience of changing the DB Name. :-)

    If I remember correctly, these were steps we needed to take.

    1. Backup
    2. Change the name
    3. Go to Capsule settings and change default Data Model (see screenshot)
    4. Change the name in Cloud Administration, in case you are running scheduled tasks (see screenshot)
    5. Pray to the Board God (see screenshot)

    I don't recall having the "Call Procedure" issue. Maybe that's because we changed the name.

    Also, I don't know if Transporter Tool (old name), could help you here.

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Step 5

  • Thanks Samir,

    In addition to the other steps, I can put the scheduler also my my list and of course step 5 ;-)

    I don't think the transporter tool can help me, but if somebody thinks it does, please let me know how it could help me.

  • Hello Mathijs,

    To be on the safe side, you should also check your txt data reader, some paths might have to be changed

    Have also a quick look at your extract & export procedures. Depending on how they have been set, you might have to change the path

    If you have any nexel, check that they are still ok, I faced an issue once, but it was in a former version of Board

    Finally if you have other applications that refer to this db in a call procedure or in the DR you also need to review them 😉