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Translations in Localization

Hello All
Doing translations in Board could be less tedious if :
*we could work by datamodel (at least have selectable information in columns)
*we could copy and paste translations from one environment to another
*Board would suggest existing translations straight away (in some cases, you'd have to do this several times) or use IA for translating
* we could sort the labels to be translated in alphabetical order

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  • Hello Aude,

    Thanks for the inputs on Localization feature.

    An idea to improve localization would be to reference the datamodel / capsule path in the screen. I think it's your first point. I believe this improvement would make Localization easier to use if you have numerous capsules and data models.

    Let me know your thoughts.

    I wish you a nice day !

    Kind regards,

    Yanis BOUAYAD