Unbalanced Hierarchy Selectors consistency

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Currently the Unbalanced hierarchy selector is not consistent across the different ways to make selections.

On the normal filter you are able to select descendants, however if you are using an interactive selection step in a procedure it is not possible to select descendants.

It is also not possible to select descendants if the entity has a selection and you want to add a selector with "show active members only" - I believe it would be really useful to allow the user to still be able to select descendants on this - the reason being that currently I am building screens relating to one section (a parent and many levels) of the UBH. I don't want the users to see the entire UBH as they are not relevant, but i want them to be able to still select the descendants on this area of the UBH.

For consistency and user experience, it would be beneficial to have this option across all selection options. :)

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