Unreadable Data entry text due to insufficient ability to configure colors


For Grand Total Data Entry, there are three color settings in use:
Grand Total ForegroundData Entry Grand Total ForegroundData Entry Grand Total Background
When the data has been changed, the Data Entry Grand Total Foreground and Background are used.
Prior to the data being changed, the Grand Total Foreground and Data Entry Grand Total Background are used.
Where the Grand Total Foreground has been set to light on dark (e.g. white on dark blue) and the Data Entry is left as the default Black on Yellow, this means that the text is displayed as white on yellow, which is unreadable.
I recommend that an additional color setting is added so that there are separate Data Entry settings for when the cell has been entered or not entered and that this not re-use the non-data entry settings.
While this example is for Grand Totals, the same applies for Totals and the content cells.

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