How do you build a report that shows Data in multiple Rows instead of columns?


We are trying to build a report that has multiple Data Selectors say sales and sales PY that show up as rows. Currently the data selectors are showing up as columns.

The report Axis is "BY ROW nothing" and "BY COLUMN Quarter Month"

The data has two Data Selections. Sales and Sales with a time adjust for PY.

When you run the report the data selections show up as columns under the Quarter and Month rather than as separate rows

Below is what we want: (This picture was edited to display the result we want to see).

Thanks for the help


  • You can use the Alignment menu (you can find it within layout settings) to configure the alignment of data blocks. When that "Blocks alignment" option is set to "Vertically", the values of the Layout Blocks are displayed on rows in the Data View, rather than on columns (default setting).

    Be aware an entity set by column is required for vertically aligned Layouts.

  • Alan
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    Hi Leone,

    Unfortunately, that does not work. gives and error "If the layout is vertically aligned you must have one entity by column" we need two entities in the "By Column".

  • Samir Jones
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    Hi @Alan,

    Maybe it's not a workaround you prefer, but you can create a "measure" entity with members "Sales" and "Sales PY", and use the new entity on rows.

    This solution also includes a Procedure where you need to flow the data to each entity member.

    Another workaround is that you have two Dataviews (one with each cube), but make it look like you have one.

    The bottom Dataview can be displayed without headers, and you link the two scrollbars to each other.