Switch versions

I want to switch from working to final version with just one tap on a label. Can someone suggest me for the same.


  • Hi Divya,

    By switching to final version do you mean that its on a different screen within the capsule? If so, you can use the "Go to Screen" action type to go to that screen within the same capsule. If the screen is in a different capsule you can use the "Run Procedure" action type and create a "Go to capsule" step within a Data Model procedure and point this data model procedure in the label configuration to execute this.

    You can find more on the label action types within the Board manual


  • Let's suppose we are on same screen and I want 2 versions of the same screen. In first version "v1" user is entering the data and then user switched to second version "v2" where data entry is locked.
    I want that after entering the data, user can go to the "v2" version by just clicking on the label.

  • Hello Divya,

    What you're referring to, seems achievable. If you want to have 2 screens, one where your Data View has Data Entry enabled & the other where it doesn't, best approach, in my opinion, would be to use the 'Save as' option for the working screen where DE is enabled.

    You can then use the newly saved screen (with the same configuration and DV) to disable Data Entry and add a reference of it to a procedure on the label object which Samson suggested previously in this discussion.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Rishabh Shahi