Switching versions in a single screen

Let's suppose we are on same screen and I want 2 versions of the same screen. In first version "v1" user is entering the data and then user switched to second version "v2" where data entry is locked.
I want that after entering the data, user can go to the "v2" version by just clicking on the label.


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    Hello @Divya Kohli,

    I might have misunderstood.

    If your goal is to switch versions with a label (and not selector), you can use steps in Capsule Procedures that "apply selection on screen".

    If you are also asking of how to lock v2 for data entry, you can have a control cube which controls what versions are data entry enabled/disabled. Apply this control cube in Database Security for all cubes where you want to lock v2. If you don't want to use Database Security, you can apply the control cube in the data view via "cube cells locked by" or "data view cells locked by".

  • Hi @Divya Kohli,

    you can try using a pager with the option "No all" to switch from one version to the next one.