How use an algorithm picture on parents aggregation


I would like to use my algorithme picture on parents aggregation,

When I use it it's working on children but not on parents.

Have you a solution to display the picture on parents ?


Shanèse Rouabah


  • Hamza Mesbahi
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    Hi shanese,

    Thanks for the question! Algorithms apply on the lowest level of the layout, and parent entities are used to group/aggregate that data. One suggestion would be to perhaps flatten the dataview by your grouping level, and that will show your algorithms for each parent/child row. Another would be to set up a tab and another dataview within it showing data at the parent level instead.



  • shanèse Rouabah
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    Hello Hamza,

    Thank you for your answer,

    Best regards,


  • Hi @shanèse Rouabah,

    depending on what images you are using you could try to replace them with UTF-8 Icons if available. They are of type Text and can also be used in the total row.