Data flow: Copy cube down to a more granular one

Hi, we have a cube with data at Regional level and would like to copy it to another Cube at Country level. So we are going from a higher and aggregated level to a more granular one.

The target cube has already data so we would like that the copy spreads the total by Region to its different country members. It should be easy but we could not find the way.

Could you please help us on this? Thanks in advance


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  • Lorenzo Aiani
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    Hi @Jordi Vilamajo ,

    if I understand correctly you want to have as a result in target cube the allocation, using itself as driver. There is no predefined procedure step/action to perform this in one step. You should first prepare your driver and then perform the calculation.

    You can find some hints in how perform allocation in How to Guide sections (below a couple of links).

    Anyway in my opinion you should first calculate your driver, then use it to allocate. Something like:

    1- Copy target cube at country level into a temporary cube (let's call it Cube A) (with the same structure) to use as denominator

    2- Copy target cube into a temporary where you aggregated at Regional Level (Cube B)

    3- Perform the allocation (Target Cube = Source Cube*Cube A/Cube B).

    If you prefer, step 3 can be divided in 2, first calculate the driver in another temporary cube (Cube C= Cube A/Cube B), then Target = Source *Cube C).




  • Hi @Jordi Vilamajo

    Copying a cube including its content is not currently a feature in board. The "Copy Existing Cube" feature when you create a new cube copies the settings of the target cube, without its name and data.

    To reach your goal you need to create a new cube and create a data flow from the existing cube to the new cube with extend calculation on country activated.

    If you have any further questions please let me know.


  • Thanks Remo and Lorenzo for the answers.

    Late yesterday we found a solutions which was to create what Lorenzo pointed: cube A and cube B and perform the calculation.

    We did not delete our post because we had the feeling that this procedure had to be easier in Board and that we might be doing something wrong or missing some knowledge.

    It's clear then. We know a little bit more of the tool today :)