Visibility of IDx in Entities in the Data Model section


Dear Community,

I know that the Idx information of entity members is available in the web, when activating the showing the developer tool window. If this information is stored and visible, it would be of great help to add a field in the Data Model > Entity showing this Idx.

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Pierre Juppet

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  • Julien CARDON

    for sure it is needed

  • Jan Pettersen

    Dear Community

    The users of Board are asking if it’s possible to hid a item in a entity. Since it’s not possible to delete a item it would have been nice if we could hid them for the users.

    There are some “old” items that they do not want to show in the entity when they select items the screen.

    As Admin it would have been nice if we could hid the items that the users says are old and they do not need to see them.

  • Fabian Thoma

    Hi Pierre,

    i totally agree to your idea. I also created an idea regarding this topic.

    You could also Vote it up!

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  • Fabian Thoma
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    Hi @Jan Pettersen,

    i like your comment/idea regarding "disabling" one or more entity members in the entity to not have it in the "user view" anymore. I think this is a separate topic. Did you also create an own idea for that? If you currently do not have time to create an own idea, let me know, i can do it for you.

    Best regards,


  • Samir Jones
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    Hi @Fabian Thoma,

    If I understand your question/comment correctly, you can accomplish "hiding" members with the Database Security.

  • Federico Cazzalini


    if you mean the Idx in the green box in my image, I agree with you - it would be really helpful!

    Best Regards,