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At present, developers can only develop together on one MasterDB. This can lead to problems in large projects with many developers.


Developer 1 starts a procedure to calculate values in a cube.

Developer 2 has to empty an entity that is contained in the above-mentioned cube. For example, because the MaxItem number needs to be increased.

For this reason, the procedure of developer 1 fails. He loses several hours searching for the error.

For this and other problems, the option of working in a separate branch would be helpful. Developers can already easily create their own branch today. By restoring a backup of the MasterDB in a new DB. Or transporting the current DB schema into an empty database using the ALM. The problem arises when the developer transfers his changes from his branch to the MasterDB.

Let's assume that another developer has already made his changes to the MasterDB. He has created

  • the entity Product,
  • the data cube ProductRevenue and
    the procedure Calc_ProductRevenue.

Our developer has created:

  • the Customer entity,
  • the data cube CustomerRevenue and
  • the procedure Calc_CustomerRevenue.

Our developer would overwrite those of his colleagues with his changes.

This is due to the use of the same ID. The developer needs the option to switch from "Update" to "Create new ID".

If the developer has a new ID created for the entity, the references to this entity must be automatically updated to the new ID in the source snapshot.

For example in our Cube CustomerRevenue:

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