Multiple Down/Sub Total Rows in a single Data View


Dear Community, I would like to propose the addition of multiple sub/down total rows in a single data view. It would allow for not only a sum row at the bottom of each data set but also an Average row or other analytical calculations that summarize the data. This would give users a more detailed and versatile summary of their data in one place. Currently Board does not have this capability, but I feel it would enhance user experience across multiple industries and scenarios. Would you find this additional feature valuable?  Has anyone encountered the same drawback to single down/sub totals?

We're a homebuilding company and have a granular data view of our Gross Margin Analysis. It lists all of our addresses by community with their respective prices/costs/etc. Currently, we're only able to display one subtotal line for each community. However we would like to show multiple: Total, Average, etc. We are using a separate "summary" data view to troubleshoot this drawback, but we want this data all in one place. This addition would benefit our company greatly and we hope it would benefit others as well.


Address: 100 Maple Way $50k

Address: 101 Maple Way $40K

Total: 2 $90k (Currently showing)

Average: $45k (We want to display this subtotal line along with others)

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  • Helmut Heimann

    Hi @Bsanders ,

    the situation you're describing here is typical for P&L statements. The topic is usually addressed by applying a rule to the entity by row and have that rule calculate the "missing" sums/averages/percentile, ….

    Let me know what you think about this approach.

    Kind regards


  • Jason Febo
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    @Helmut Heimann The data view is structured with address and community on the row. Currently each community has Totals and the overall grand total on the bottom. We are looking to have each community have the current Total line alongside an Average line then a third line with some custom algorithms such as % of revenue. see example in screenshot.

  • Jim Trousdale

    This functionality would greatly enhance our ability to use Board in the way it was planned originally. None of the "workarounds" even come close to replicating what we are needing with respect to seeing Totals, Averages and % of Revenue along with the detail data on the same report or view.