Show all values in chart labels


Hey, is there any chance, that we can tell the chart to show all the values of each series regardless of its size?

Here is an example:


  • Federica Antonelli

    Hi @Steve Pankrath, most of the time it's enough to resize the entire chart:



    This is without touching any of the settings. Try it and let me know if it's enough.

  • Steve Pankrath

    Hi @Federica Antonelli, thank you for your response. But resizing is not sufficient in this case.

    On the one side, what happens if the value sinks down to 0.1? At some point it will always disappear.

    And on the other side, we do not have the space available on the screen due to other elements.

  • Federica Antonelli

    Hello @Steve Pankrath,

    I see your point. In this case, an option is the "enable trackball" in the cartesian options:

    It enables the visualization of a Label containing data of all Blocks set in the Layout when you hover over different areas of the chart. You will get the following:

    Hope this helps!

  • Edward Ervin
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    Hi Steve,

    The best workaround for this is to add a second block as a point style and display the labels on that series instead. It does mean that you will have a duplicate series on the legend but if you label it something like "Label" you can toggle it on and off.