SubHub - on line users


On the SubHub, an online user monitoring overview can be an helpfull view for a platform administrator in a complex environment with many servers and many users.

A monitoring of the online user on the SubHub-only is the minimum, in the central view of the SubHub better to have also the online user on the different platform

As the current SubHub doesn't have any view, in case you have to make some check on the currently on line users you have to check on the Audit Log of the SubHub Users + on the single platform monitoring > online users, it's complex and not friendly.

From the Audit Log of the SubHub Users you have to build the list of who made a login and didn't logged out

In the single servers you can check the online users of the single application but you loose the cross overview and you are not able anyway to view who is on line just on the SubHub.

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