Monthly Customer News Update - June 2024

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How AI impacts your role (+ other news you need to know!)

  • Global Planning Survey '24 results and how you can position your business for growth
  • Exploring how AI can positively impact your role
  • How kohlpharma transformed sales planning and orders management
  • What you need to know about the Board 14.1 patch
  • How to set up SAP connector architecture, and more!

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Global Planning Survey ’24

72% of businesses are actively working towards long-term goals, but many lack the tools and strategies to fully realize them. Are you prepared? The Global Planning Survey ‘24 dives deep into the challenges and opportunities facing businesses today. Get your copy to learn:

  • How AI-powered planning delivers a competitive edge
  • Why continuous planning practices matter in today’s market
  • Strategies to bridge the gap between strategy and execution

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Board 14.1 updates are available

We are excited to announce that a new update for Board 14.1 is here. This patch includes a new feature that gives developers the ability to customize the timeout parameter of REST API calls, enhancements to the new Flex Grid Object, Drills, and Procedures. Learn more about the patch highlights and get your download links here.

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How AI/ML will transform FP&A

AI/ML is increasingly part of our everyday lives. AI/ML is transforming the way organizations function, touching every business process along the way. Learn more about how that change includes FP&A and the role it plays in supporting management.

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kohlpharma simplifies sales processes and enhances services

kohlpharma, a pharmaceutical distribution company based in Germany, developed a Board mobile solution to equip the field sales team with access to up-to-date sales and market data that they can use in conversations with customers to help them select exactly the products they need.

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Harnessing AI’s full potential: Retail merchandising reimagined

AI is a transformative force capable of adding true value to the merchandising process. There's been a shift from siloed optimization to a collaborative, integrated approach that harnesses AI's full potential throughout end-to-end planning cycles. Explore how you use AI to make improvements in demand planning, pricing, and customer behavior modeling.

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Planning fatigue may be settling in

According to Board’s Global Planning Survey 2024, nearly three-quarters of supply chain professionals are ensuring that disruption planning remains at the forefront of their efforts. Take a deeper dive into these insights on Supply Chain Management Review, in which you can learn more about the benefits and challenges of scenario planning.

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New Community Voices Q&A

In the latest segment of Community Voices, we chatted with long-time Board enthusiast and dedicated customer, Thomas Ussling from Strato AG. Hear about his experiences with Board and get some tips to bring back to your organization.

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How to set up SAP Connector Architecture

In the early implementation stage of projects where Board needs to import SAP data, Board architects – or the implementation partner - and the client’s Network Team will discuss the right architecture to adopt for the SAP Connector. Board and its technology partner Theobald work hand-in-hand to provide high flexibility and reliability for this crucial data exchange.

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Leave a review and help World Central Kitchen

We invite you to leave a brief review on G2Crowd about your experience with Board. Your feedback not only helps people like you make better technology decisions, but for a special time it also sends a $10 donation to World Central Kitchen. Take a few minutes to write your review and know that you are helping to raise money to provide meals to those in need.In addition, you can claim 150 advocacy points for your feedback 

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Academy: Level 300 Part 2

The Level 300 course, part 2 will launch in early July. Be sure to complete the second half of the course and the completion quiz at the end to earn your Level 300 badge in Community and completion certificate to post on LinkedIn.

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