GCR 1.0.3 is now available

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A new GCR version (1.0.3) is here!

We are happy to announce that a new GCR version (1.0.3) is now available for customers and partners!

New features included in this release

Validation Rules enhancements:

Two new fields are available when the user set up validation rules in GCR:

  1. Account – Line by Line: when creating a validation rule, even if configured at account category level (e.g. Asset) the user can decide to have the rule applied to each leaf account included in the Account category "Asset" so it can check if each account satisfies the rule
  2. IC & TP - Line by Line: The same logic can be applied on IC and TP dimension.

Validation Rule Report:

GCR has a new report, that allow user to deep dive any data behind each validation rule. User can easily understand, if there is and error displayed, where the problem is.

Automatic Adjustments:

We have further enhanced the automatic adjustments functionality, in order to make it more user friendly and more precise when defining adjustment parameters:

Time Validity: when creating an automatic adjustment header, is now possible to specify the specific time periods to be applied for each adjustment.

Reporting Unit: when creating and automatic adjustment, now it’s possible to specify a single or a subset of reporting units to be included in the calculation.

Custom Dimensions: It’s now possible to specify also custom dimensions to be considered in the calculation. (not possible to have different source and target custom entities)

Movements: It’s now possible to specify different source and target movements.

New Equity Schedule Reports (Local Equity schedule + Group Equity Schedule):

We have added the possibility to create Equity Schedule Reports for Both Local and Group visibility.

In the admin capsule the user can set up the Equity Schedule KPI’s accordingly to the following information:

  • Account
  • Audit Trail
  • Movement

Possibility to add comments to journal headers

Now, each user, have the possibility to add comment to each journal, to give higher visibility on it.

Split of Liaison Accounts for Investment Elimination:

For Layer 10-02 elimination, we have created a new liaison account.

The existing one is still used in mother company elimination, but when the amount is reversed to Subsidiary (IC and Related parties), then use the new one instead of 030.

This further detail will be useful for better visibility of amount calculated at mother and subsidiary level, and also to better detail Cash Flow calculation.

Profit in Stock – Mark up%:

For Profit in Stock Elimination, we allow users to input the Mark – Up% from the seller company side, rather than from buyer side. From a process perspective, this approach support the more general case where the seller company owns the mark up % to be applied for internal sales.

New Setting for Import mode – Merge or Replace

We have added a super setting to allow each customer to chose the preferred mode to import data into the system.

If you select the new parameter “Data Load in Merge Mode”, the original data is kept and replace only the precise crossing data in the new loaded file.

New “General Ledger Report”

We have created a new report, where the final users will be enabled to create his own self-service reporting switching rows and columns headers.


GCR 1.0.3 also fixes the following main BUGS:

  • Investment Register (Goodwill by node): problem when allocating goodwill by node, as node type was not correctly taken into consideration in the calculations.
  • Internal provision Elimination is now applied only to IC Partners in the relevant organizational scope
  • Consolidation Method is now correctly calculated when Multiple Level Chains exists.
  • Profit Calculation Split between Minorities and Group Owner is now extended also to P&L automatically.
  • TB Loading: Since we are using a picture algorithm, the system performs a check between the 2 blocks to the lowest possible decimal. This means that if by some chance we have data discrepancies even at the 7th decimal digit the red alert picture pops up. The issue is now solved.

How to request GCR:

First installation - Cloud Customer: the installation process is automated. The Cloud Ops will install GCR after the request from Sales Order Team.

First installation - On- Prem Customer: Please open a ticket trough the support portal https://support.board.com/ providing Order ID and Customer ID. For any exception please provide the confirmation from your AGM or Sales Director.

Upgrade (eg. from GCR 1.0.2 to GCR 1.0.3): Please open a ticket trough the support portal https://support.board.com/