Complete the Series: Final Level 300 Part 2 available July 10, 2024

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The final installment of the series, Level 300: Expanding Board in Your Organization (Part 2 of 2), is ready for learners.

The recommended prerequisites for this course include: Level 100, Level 200, and Level 300 Part 1, plus 6-12 months of project work in Board.

In Level 300 Part 2, learners will continue with the same solution from Part 1, where they expanded the planning solution into other departments of the sample customer’s business. Then they will add advanced security features, system administration roles, and user access settings. This security update will also implement a workflow for approvals and data flow. Plus, a what-if analysis structure will be built, with multiple scenarios to apply to an approved budget. At the end of the course, learners will be tasked with finalizing the forecast and budget design.

Learners will be tested the on complete Level 300 course in the end of course assessment covering both parts of the course. Earn your Level 300 badge in Community when you pass the end-of-course test.

Get involved as an Advanced Developer in the Community--set a goal to answer at least two questions from other learners about Levels 100 or 200 in the Academy Forum.

We encourage all users of Board to complete the Developer Training Series to enhance your ability to navigate and develop effectively in Board. Customers can find this course in the Board Academy.