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Hi Board Team,

I found the following calculation in one of the procedure. I understand From and To is used define the time range. But I cannot understand what Yearly Rolling Periods and Last Selected Period pointing to.

If we use today 9th July 2024 as an example, which month range will the following pointing to?


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  • James Packham
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    hi Harry

    I suspect that this is part of a Board procedure within an Extract Layout step - the same configuration is also available in a straight dataview layout on a screen. Bear in mind that a procedure's selections will change through the course of the procedure as it runs, and it is this that drives the time selection of the calculation.

    The 'Auto' setting will base the calculation on the Layout time axis - if used, or the Time structure of the cube on which the function is applied. Let's assume Month

    From and To: Yearly rolling periods will calculate the deviation of the Monthly values across rolling 12 periods within the incumbent time selection.

    To = Last selected period : the last selected time period (Month) at the point the procedure step is run (so not necessarily 9th July..).

    To see the actual time selection 'in action' a good way is to apply a breakpoint to the following procedure step (the step that runs immediately after the step where the function is applied) and run that manually within a sandbox environment. The actual time periods selected may be determined by screen selections or preceeding steps in the given procedure, depending on the configuration.

    I hope this helps

    Regards, James