Smart import object - Upload button



We have loaded a file using a Smart Import Object. We have pasted values typing CTRL+V.

They were about 15K lines and took more than 5min.

To improve waiting time we wanted to try the Upload file button but although it is activated as you can see below…

It does not show up when we are in the Play mode:

What do we have to do to see this button?



  • Bettina Clausen

    Did you also activate it in the settings (not only in the sliding panel)?

  • Dominique Duchenne

    Hi Jordil,

    Here is a link to the manual as well that explains how to set the mappings and setup the file upload feature.

    File upload

    The file upload feature allows you to load data by uploading a .xlsx file. This is particularly useful when your dataset exceeds the maximum value of rows (10,000) and columns (200) available in the Object itself, as the feature allows you to upload a .xlsx file with no limitations on rows and columns. You can also download an empty Excel template file from the Object by clicking on the download template icon (): fill in the desired data and upload it back to quickly enter data in bulk.

    To upload a .xlsx data file, click on the file upload icon () from the Object contextual menu (sliding toolbar) and drag/choose the desired file from your machine. 

    If global validation rules and/or custom validation rules are not met, the data loading process stops and an error dialog box will display the necessary explanatory messages. 

    If global validation rules and/or custom validation rules are met, the loaded data is saved in the target Data model as per the defined mapping.

    Empty rows and columns are not considered during the data loading process.
    Only the active tab of the uploaded worksheet is considered during the data loading process.

    Hope this helps with your configuration.