Disable "edit/configure layout" in HTML5



i was wondering if it is possible to disable the possibility for end users to modify the layouts and change axes and/or contents displayed in the HTML5 screens.

I know this is a valuable and important feature for some users, but the majority of the user base won't benefit from this feature and might end up "messing up" with reports.

Can you help us identify an option for this?






Accepted Answer


  • Etienne CAUSSE


    We already had a discussion on this topic with BOARD support, the key point here is that very often, we need some reports to be configurable, and some others to be frozen.

    We might need to freeze a specific report because of complexity, as you said, or because of security (there is a very specific filter in the report that must not be changed).


    To do that, an option at the security profile level is too high, we would need to do it at layout level (just like the "disable drill down" option).