Summary All Data Until Date Selection



How to sum all data until date selection?




Data on DB From 01/01/2014-01/12/2018 (dd/mm/yyyy)


And i want to sum Data where day 01/05/2018.

I try sum data with function "yearly cumulate" but report just shown data sum 01/01/2018-01/05/2018.

I want report shown sum 01/01/2014-01.05/2018.





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    Hi Wahyu Nugraha,

      The cycle property is a useful time function here. When doing life-to-date calculations, I set cycle=10000. That will give me the life-to-date for the appropriate time period. In your example, where day is 01/05/2018, using cycle=10000 would return a sum of the last 10000 prior days. Using this in combination with Detail by Year and/or Previous Year, we can add previous full year values. 

  • Hi Bob Gill,


    Thank for your solution. This solution hepful.