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Hi All,


I have a problem with the data view.
I have a cube that has its data contents. and in my dataview settings it's 'Hide Zerro' and Uncheck 'Show All'. so dataview should only show the existing data only (not Zero). But when the result dataview display is blank, after I try extract cube, the cube have data. does anyone know what cause?




  • Hi,


    it seems you have a very small value. Just set Dec Digits to 10 or 20 any you should see very small numbers like 0,00000124331


    This sometimes can occur due to some calculation. Maybe following Discussion is helpful: 





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    Thats correct, where i show with decimal = 20 it very small number.

    But i still confuse why cube data have small number. because when i reader to board, the data is big number.

    and when i extract cube,the number is -2.86102294921875E-06.


    are -2.86102294921875E-06 is not equal with -286102294,921875?


    because board shown image

  • Hi,


    the extracted value -2.86102294921875E-06  is equal -2.86102294921875*10^^-6 , so its -0,00000286 and this seems to be correct.