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Can Board customise output file name when Dataview Exported with procedure?





  • Hello,


    According to, you can customize the extracted file using windows environment variables of the server

    Path/File. defines the name of the extracted file. Note that it is possible to use in the path/name of the file, Windows environment variables such as  (i.e. "%userprofile%\desktop\board_data.txt") and also Board substitution formulas such as @username (for example, "%userprofile%\desktop\board_data_@username.txt").

    Regarding the dataview name for the exported filename, you could:

    1. create a new entity called "screen_to_export"
    2. insert manually one member for each screen you want to export later
    3. in each of these screen, select one single member of the "screen_to_export" entity corresponding to the screen
    4. in the export path of the procedure action, set the filename using the substitution formula, e.g.: \YourExportFolder\@screen_to_export.txt


    I haven't tested it, just an idea

  • Unknown
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    Hi interested typ,

    Unfortunately, I believe to recall that only the substitution formula @user or @username work in the export path at the moment.
    But this is to be confirmed by a BOARD consultant.

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    I'm not sure if you have Broadcast, but I have used that for a client purely to generate pdf's with customised filenames including entity selections and dates (and just not set up the email part).

  • Unknown
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    Hi Brendan,


    That's great news!


    I believe the issue I encountered was in the "export to layout", while I never tried it during broadcasting.


    Sorry for the confusion.

  • Hi,

    only the substitution formula @user or @username work in the export path at the moment.

    If this is true, then the help page I quoted above is wrong