Please advise how user licences work in Board environments - e.g. if I have an Administrator licence

If I have to access all 3 Board environments, DEV, QA and PROD, do I require 3 x user licences?  Or do I only need 1 user licence and the access to the environments are governed by authorization profiles?  Please advise.


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    Unfortunately you need to buy licenses for each environment.

    I know because we didn't know that and we had to buy new licenses.



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    Hi Michelle Gritsch,


    if you happen to own a stand-alone license this would enable you to connect to each server from your local machine as "authorized visitor". You'd have to administer the appropriate security profile something like this:



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    It's also important to consider the type of license required in each environment. Typically, fewer users use development, test or staging environments than production. Furthermore, someone may need Lite license in production, but a Developer license on the development server.

  • Yes, with a single "stand alone" license the Board User is able to connect from the laptop where the license is installed to every Board Server (if authorized from the Board Administrator) BUT remember that with a stand alone license is not possible to connect through the HTML5 environment. Only through the Board Windows Client.




  • Hi Federico Cazzalini,


    you're right, thanks for the additional information.