Data Reader locked by administrator

I receive this popup message when I click on the Data Reader icon in the Database tab. My entities, relationships and cubes icons all work but the Data Reader appears to be locked. Any idea why this happened and how I can fix it please? Thanks.


  • Hi Zina Knoesen I guess an other user is locking you out from datareader panel.


    Try to check that and close the client(s) in which user administrator is logged in, or, if they are all closed, try to log in as administrator again, enter in the datareader panel and close it again.


    Finally, if you're still not able to get in datareaders, try to unload and reload the database again or restart the service.


    Hope it helps.


  • Hi,


    if nothing helps and you are sure that nobody locked the datareader, stop service and check if you have the file DataReaderLock.lck in database folder and delete it.




  • Thank you, I deleted the file and removed the lock.