Board Cloud : is there a way to perform a join ?

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Hello community, 


I'm working on my first project in the Cloud and according to Board support it is not possible to install any tool (SQL server for example).


My need is to join two files, in other projects I load them in SQL Server, create view that join the two tables then use SQL data reader.


Is it possible to perform a join in a cloud environement  are there any workarounds?

Ahmed Lattali


  • Hi Ahmed Lattali,


    since BOARD file DataReaders currently only allow one file per DataReader, I'd suggest to merge the files you want to join before the load (probably using EXCEL) and then load the result.

    A second solution might be to load both files separately into two tmp cubes and perfom the "join" operation in a DataFlow populating your target cube--but this may prove difficult as well since the DataFlow can't perform a join the same way SQL does. We would need more information about your data model in order to properly advise any solution.


    Kind Reagrds,


  • Hi,


    also in Cloud Projects you can use SQL Servers. For this the SQL Serve ris not installed on the cloud machine (it can be installed onpremise or at a different Cloud machine, not hosted by board). Just be sure you/your customer have orderd the Cloud Connector (and defined the data source)