Calculate month to date


Hello, Can anyone help out with how to calculate a month to date and campare with the month to date previous year?  The scenario I want to create is col 1 is Current week which will be displayed either choosing a week from the selector or using a pager, col 3 will be same week previous year.  Column 3 will be month to date based on the week selected, i.e. if 2nd week in the month is selected then MTD will be two weeks of data, col 4 will be MTD Last year so again first two weeks from the same month last year so that a like for like comparison can be drawn.

Thank you


  • Sebastian Gurt

    Hi Adam,


    I do not have a solution for you right now, but it sounds to me like you should either look into the Time Entites enhancements from B10.1.0 (Board 10.1 Release Notes) or into "Apply Selection to a layout block" (Block Selections) in combination with some mapping cubes.