Where can I get good icons, backgrounds or palettes?

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I’m more of a numbers and architecture person, than colours and aesthetics. Which resources do you use to find icons, fonts, backgrounds and other graphics for screens? Are there any palettes that work particularly well with the corporate branding tool? I like to set the corporate colours, make a few masks, and then reuse them. Using some better icons and images may give my screens a more clean look and feel. Maybe you could share a sample screen so we can all see different screen designs?


 Thanks for your help.


  • Thanks Bettina Clausen this looks like a very nice approach with a lot of advantages


    I also use iconfinder like Gabriele Gallo, for colors this is quite an easy topic for us since we have quite detailed company guidelines. Just like Daniel Zillmann we try to maintain an equivalence 1 color = 1 kind of data for all the apps (orange = budget, red = actual, grey = previous year... and so on).


  • The Material.io site also has some standardised icons... https://material.io/icons/

  • Icons DB - free custom icons is another good option, and you are also able to choose your own colour.

  • You can also have a look at Professional Icons | IconExperience.com 

  • I found another good reference for free icons, flat, allowing a few modifications (color, additional text) before downloading them


  • To add to tools for color palettes I really like to use Adobe Color CC (free). Favorite feature is the ability to upload any image and generate a series of color palettes.

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    Bob Gill  Of course we also have the humble BOARD label.  If you want to produce a visual interpretation of workflow such as this:


    ...you may want to experiment with the Radius and Border of a Label.  The attached pptx slide shows some basic settings.

  • Thank you for the slide!

    Even if I still dream of the object flowchart of Board < 7, where arrows and stuff was available, and you didn't need to build arrows from several labels...

  • Thank you @interested typ. That's a useful tip which I will be using from now on

  • interested typ - do you copy the symbols or are you able to use the keyboard to enter the uni code?  I have tried with the keyboard to insert an up arrow - [Alt] + 2191 - but get a capital A with a small circle on top [Å].  However, I will now be using unicode characters as presented by you and Bettina Clausen so thank you both for the idea - really great solution.

  • Hello,

    I use the copy-paste function only.

  • I have just noticed one drawback of using UTF-8 characters, and I would like to know if other people here have a solution. It is about consuming a BOARD screen from a smartphone.

    • I have 1 BOARD capsule, which is a "web capsule" (different from a standard capsule, see more informations on help.board).
    • in a screen I use one arrow as text within a label (this arrow SOUTH EAST TRIANGLE-HEADED ARROW | UTF-8 Icons )
    • Result: the arrow is not rendered, instead is an empty rectangle having a black border . I tested it in Safari and Firefox on the smartphone.


    Any hints ?

  • Hi interested typ,


    surprisingly, this link renders in Edge and Firefox (if called directly) to the rectangle, you've mentioned. I'd propose to check whether this is an issue in HTML5 as well--since I assume that to be the future of BOARD web as it happens to be device-independent.


    Kind Reagrds,


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    I found arrows which are properly rendered while consuming a BOARD screen from a smartphone.


    • Then I used the copy-paste function to pick the proper arrows I need.