How to install BOARD Office Add-In with command line in unattended mode

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BOARD Office add-ins can be installed with a Command Line using MSIEXEC

 To install the, follow the following steps:

In the start menu, right-click Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator.

Locate the MSI file for the version of the add-in you want to install. This is often in the Downloads folder.

Use the following command line to install the BOARD Office Add-In in unattended mode. Replace “B7CResources.msi” with the file location of the .msi file.msiexec /i B7CResources.msi /qn

Optionally, you can use additional parameters to further customize your installation.

Note: All feature names declared within the command line parameters are case-sensitive. It is important to use the proper case when identifying elements to be installed.

Parameter definitions:




Specifies there's no UI during the installation process.


Specifies normal installation.