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Hi fellow Boardies,

This is a suggestion for what may seem like a small, minor feature that I think could end up saving developers quite a bit of time during front-end development of an application. Frankly, I’m not exactly sure why it hasn’t been made available up to this point (but I’m no software developer, so excuse any ignorance on that end!).

Anytime you go to change the color of an object, its font, border, etc. you have to either manually paste the rgba code in the color menu, manually find the appropriate color to select, or use the copy/past format feature to use another object's color. However, when you’re developing the UI/UX of any application you find yourself having to format hundreds of objects. Since often times a color palette is used throughout to maintain visual consistency, that means is we find ourselves pasting the same handful of rgba color codes multiple times for each object (especially in the beginning when you are just setting up the front-end and don't have as many objects formatted with the desired colors already).

Similar to most front-end application editors, have a “Recent Colors” section in the colors menus to show the handful of colors that were recently used on other objects in the application.

It's a small item, but I think for some us it could improve the UX from a developer standpoint.

Thanks for your consideration!

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