Smart Import Enhancement

The last releases contained a lot of news about the Smart Import Object. The functions that the object now brings with it are great.
Still, I would like to see two more features:

  1. moving columns (without having to rename and remap columns every time a new column is added in between.
  2. if rows are rejected, it would be great if not the whole upload is rejected, but only this single row, or that you can set similar to the Data Reader, what happens in case of an error.

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  • Fethi ZERARA
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    What a nice idea @Fabian Frommann

    it would be intersting also if we condition the data loading based on a cube Value ( a Locker Cube for Example )

  • Hi @Fethi ZERARA ,

    The cube visibility can be of some assistance, here. Although currently, Smart Import Objects respect only Access and Locking conditions set on Cube visibility rules. Default access permissions (Read / write, Read-only, and No access) are ignored, just like with the Data reader ( ).

    Kind regards


  • Hello,

    About Moving columns in play mode is something we can consider for the future: great idea.

    About the rejected records: we did this on purpose. If we allow to load a file with some invalid record, then the possibility to make a mistake increases (loading an entity on the wrong spot, adding numbers to a cell of a cube by mistake) and it might become very difficult to come back. to the previous situation when data is already merged and aggregated to the existing one.

    While the datareader is an admin-controlled operation, smart import is for multiple contributions, so we need to minimize the possibility of errors and mistakes: rolling back a complete mistake is way harder than removing unnecessary records from a file.

    Antonio Speca

    Head of development

  • Hi @Antonio Speca ,

    thank's for your feedback. I got your point.

    My use case was a little bit different:
    I have a Smart Import designed that intentionally does not allow adding new entries to entities. However, the user has a file where both "valid" rows and "invalid" rows exist. The valid rows are rows whose entries already exist in board entities. The invalid rows, are rows that have one or more entries that do not yet exist in board entities. These rows should be intentionally rejected, but all other valid rows should be loaded to Board. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible via the Smart Import Object, since the entire upload is discarded even with a single invalid line.



  • I'd like the ability to delete a row.

  • Product Management Team
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    Hi @Fabian Frommann, thank you for sharing your idea! We appreciate the time and effort you put into crafting your suggestion, and we understand the need of this solution.

    We have accepted this Idea to be part of our backlog and we are evaluating the feasibility of adding it to the development roadmap after the release of the FlexGrid object in the B14 release in March 2024.
    We are committed to delivering the best possible experience to our customers, and we must prioritize the features and enhancements that will have the most significant impact on your daily use of our software.