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The Board Procedure Launcher is a tool available for On-Premise installations of Board. We highly recommend running this type of procedure using REST APIs.

The Board Procedure Launcher allows a Board Database procedure to be executed from a Windows command line (CMD), and can therefore be scheduled through the Windows Task Scheduler or other scheduling tools.

The tool comes with the server installation of Board on all versions starting from Board 8 and is located in: C:\Program Files\Board\Board Server\Tools. The application is called: BoardProcedureLauncher.

This utility is not only useful for launching a procedure without opening the Board client, but also for monitoring the execution more effectively. The procedure is executed synchronously, and you can obtain information about the status simply by looking at the job status (running or terminated).

Only database procedures can be called with this utility, and they must contain only "server-side" actions. 

How to use it

The Board Procedure Launcher can be incorporated into a batch file. The batch file can then be called from the Windows Task Scheduler to trigger the procedure at a specific time and with a given frequency.

Batch File

The syntax for calling the Board Procedure Launcher in a batch file (.bat) is explained below:





Hostname or IP address of the server followed by the port number (typically 9700)

/host "localhost:9700"


Activation of an encrypted connection, necessary if the server has the SSL option active. Default = off (Optional)

/ssl "on"


Activation of the Windows Encryption in the communication with the server. Default = on (Optional)

/winEncryption "on"


Utilization of the Single SignOn. It's an optional parameter. If this is active, the password parameter is not necessary. Default = off (Optional)

/sso "off"


Name of a BOARD user registered as an Assign License

/username "administrator"


Password of the BOARD user

/password "administrator"


Name of the BOARD procedure

/Procedure "00 - Data Loading"


Name of the database (case-sensitive)

/DataBase "BFC_CONSO"

This results in a command like the following:

"C:\Program Files\Board\Board Server\Tools\BoardProcedureLauncher.exe"  /host "localhost:9700"  /username "administrator" /password "administrator"  /Procedure "00 - Data Loading"   /DataBase "BFC_CONSO"

Scheduled Task

When the batch file is created, it can be scheduled. A common tool for scheduling is the Windows Task Scheduler, where the following points of attention should be considered:

  1. Mapping the batch file
    • Go the Task Properties: Action tab --> Edit
    • Action: Start a program
    • Program/script: path to your batch script, e.g. C:\Board\Job\DataLoading.bat
  2. General Settings
    • Security Options: set it to "Run whether user is logged or not"
    • Run with highest privileges: to be flagged