How to Change the Max Item Number

Max Item Number within an entity can be easily interpreted as the maximum amount of items you can store at each entity. However, it can also be used to reference data that is stored in a cube version. In other words, this attribute can determine how the data is physically stored as well as how it affects performance metrics such as dataflow execution or capsule loading time.

Changing the Max Item Number is straightforward if the entity is not in use, as in, there isn't any Board infocube versions structured by that dimension (you can see all the cubes dimensioned with this entity by navigating to the ANALYSIS tab in the selected entity). If this is the case, the Max Item Number option will not be greyed out which allows you to update it.

If the entity is in use on some infocubes, then in order to apply the change to its Max Item Number, you are required to clear all the cubes structured by that entity.

A very simple (yet safe and highly recommended) procedure to change the entity Max item Number is to:

  • Run an "Extract all cubes" action
  • Clear cubes
  • Change your MaxitemNo
  • Run the "Import all cubes" action

Extract all cubes and Import all cubes are standard Board actions that can be defined within a Board Procedure.