How To: Use the Board Cloud Shared Storage

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The BOARD Shared Storage is a CLOUD resource that is provided in your Cloud Instance. 

It is a Data File Storage that is accessible from any BOARD Application resident on a BOARD Cloud Instance like a standard legacy hard-drive.

By default it is labelled “z”.
Board Data Reader can load files from the z:\ path.

The BOARD Shared Storage is also identified through an environment variable named “BSS” (Board Shared Storage) that you can use referring it as %BSS% in the data-reader, procedure etc.  

In order to access it from on-premise network, you can use the "AZCOPY", a command line tool, or the Storage Explorer, a GUI Application.
They are both supplied by Microsoft and a Shared Access Signature (SAS) must be given by the BOARD International Cloud Team.    

The SAS is a URI that encompasses in its query parameters, all of the information for an authenticated access to a Shared Storage.
All data are transferred using the https protocol using a TLSv1.2, 2048-bit SHA256

Your Board Administrators can find the unique SAS URI from the Board Cloud ADMIN Portal, as shown in the following image:

AZCOPY - here are some examples of commands:

Upload all files from folder "folder_1":

AzCopy /Source:C:\folder_1 /Dest:"[SAS URI]" /S

Upload the file "file_1" from folder "folder_1":

AzCopy /Source:C:\folder_1 /Dest:"[SAS URI]” /Pattern:file_1.csv

To download the command line copy/paste AZCOPY link into the new tab:

To download the AZCOPY handbook click here

To download the Storage Explorer GUI click

  1. Open Connect Dialog and add a “File Share” Resource Type
  2. Insert the SAS URI and give a name to your connection