Impact Analysis - Stop Pre-analysis

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Impact analysis is a very powerful feature. The bigger a data model is, the more important are the insights that can be gained with it.

At the beginning, a pre-analysis is performed to offer only available analyses to the user. For very large applications, this is very time consuming. In this example, it takes almost 5 minutes until the user can use the feature.

This clearly takes far too long and makes the feature unpopular. Usually, the user starts the tool with a very specific question that he wants answered. For example, what procedures write into the cube.

Currently will be everything delivered, before the user select the part he is interessted in. Instead it should be delivered after his selection and only the parts he selected.

It would be good if only the parts of the data model the user is interested in are analyzed. For example, procedures and cubes. The pre-analysis is not necessary.

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