Community Roundup: August 17, 2023

Miran Saric
Miran Saric Employee
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The Community team is back and excited to share with you the new features we've launched and the accomplishments we've enjoyed in the last six weeks! From new tools, to streamlining navigation, to Community member outreach; we've had a busy six weeks of growth and evolution.

The new features and Community accomplishments through August 2023 can be found below.

June 2023

  • Provided the latest platform improvements to customers in the 2023 summer release cycle
  • Optimized the Partner Hub experience by making it easier to find updates and conversations
  • Celebrated the 5,000 member milestone
  • Improved the featured article experience by adding the rotating article carousel to the Community homepage

July 2023

August 2023 (ongoing)

  • Best Practices quick poll launched, providing another member opportunity for feedback
  • Optimized member onboarding experience—we're glad you've joined us here in the Community!

Coming soon…

Watch for new Groups opportunities—including resources for Group Leaders to facilitate both virtual and in-person meetups—planned for September. Groups are a great way for members to connect on relevant topics, achieve common goals, and offer support. Amplify your Groups experience by leading or attending regional-based meetups!

This series will be updated every 45-90 days depending on the number of feature changes implemented. As always, we welcome your suggestions for Community enhancements. Submit feedback directly to, share in the forum, or take the Community Experience Survey.