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As it' already working in the data view search function, it would be really great if it's also possible to enter multiple search values in the selection boxes —> e.g. Country Selection and I want to enter AT;DE;CH in search for not needing to do it for each country separated.

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  • Hi Barbara,

    You can currently do this by using the vertical bar (|) symbol. For example AT|DE|CH should bring up the three countries you have mentioned.

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  • Barbara Mayrleitner
    edited September 2023

    @Yas Davoudzadeh:
    no this is not really working —> no matter if I just enter keys or keys + descriptions etc.

    it's delivering random results.

    in other dimensions it worked.. the only "issue" is that you normally when copying data from xls with ctrl+c, do not have this separator automatically..


  • Hi @Barbara Mayrleitner, yes I have just noticed that it will look up those characters within both code and description, so that is the reason you are getting that specific list of countries back. It might be better to use the full description of the name for this entity for example.

    Yes, I completely agree, it would be great if we can copy and paste.

    I currently use the CONCAT function on excel to add the "|" symbol to end of all of my options I want to search which has been helpful in the meantime.

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    Thank you for sharing your idea, @Barbara Mayrleitner. We appreciate the time and effort you put into crafting your suggestion.

    Great news, the selection box you described above will be improved in the B14.1 version. Please have a look and test it and if you continue experiencing the same behavior let us know.