Hardcode 'down total' formula to prevent it from referring to another block.



I've been having an issue where my 'Sales Mix (%)' calculation refers to a moving block from the layout, instead of maintaining the 'down total' function.

To calculate 'Sales Mix (%)', I am using the algorithm: (Sales/Down Total (Sales))*100 or c/dt(c)% in the below example. The issue I am having is that the data view layout is relatively large and runs to block 'ey', and whenever a block is adjusted/moved, the algorithm follows the block 'dt' (repositioned to block 'dv' in the image) instead of recognising it as the 'down total' function, and therefore returns no values as the algorithm is now incorrect.

I'd suggest to add a way to hardcode the block, possibly by using wildcards, to recognise 'dt' and other similar functions as a function instead of a block.



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