Add tools to migrate Roles / Features / Folder security (Life cycle management)


The idea is to add tools for developer to be able to migrate "Roles / Features / Folder" from on the server to another easily

You can have many roles and folder security profil in a multiple application context and migrating those from on server to server is a tedious process at the moment.

Either an export to csv file or something more advanced like a transporter tool would be of great help.

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  • Fethi ZERARA
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    Absolutely, @Nicolas CHIGROS ! I completely share your sentiment. I'd like to highlight that we recently requested the Support Team to replicate the security configuration from one instance to the others, only to be informed that it's no longer feasible from their end. Having this feature available could greatly streamline our processes, save time, and help to prevent potential regressions.

  • Nicolas CHIGROS

    Hi @Fethi ZERARA ,

    We had the same experience with support just recently!

    I don't my mind the change too much though because it wasn't a great solution in the first place. For a time sensitive go live for exemple. I rather be independent and have tools required for the all the great reasons you've mentioned.