Is there a way for an admin to view/edit/delete all the subscriptions users have created?

I am assuming if there were a lot of users creating long running subscriptions it could potentially tax the system. In other tools, I have the ability to shut them down, or create scheduling blocks. I am new to board, and not seeing that…any ideas board community?





  • Bart Scott
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    I do not believe there is any way to manage another users scheduled subscriptions, or even view them. Similar to this you are unable to control and/or copy a scheduled presentation with the distribution list if a user is no longer part of the Board application. Send To's and presentations are user specific (even if the distribution list is needed by other people). There are other clients requesting similar functionality in case a person departs and they need to take over the presentations/send to's from that departed user.

    Bart Scott

  • Thanks Bart - you read my mind on the user leaving. We have to take this into account for Tableau - it will keep sending if a user has left, but at least we can turn it off.

    Assuming there is nothing on the idea exchange, I can log and see what happens…