Label subtitution formulas to view a layout selection on a specific entity


using substitution formulas I can highlight in a label the selection for a specific entity.

e.g. @Year returns the selected year.

But, as far as I understand, if I want to show a layout selection I can only use


without the capability to choose one entity

Is there any way to obtain this? thanks


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    Hi @Daniele Di Lorenzo,

    You can add the parameter- Entity= " " along with the layout title parameter to the substitution formula to view the layout selection on a specific entity.

    FORMULA SYNTAX: @Selection_Ex(Layout="Layout_Title",Entity="Entity_Name")

    For example: @Selection_Ex(Layout="DV1",Entity="SKU")

    The above should return only the layout selection on the Entity "SKU" for the layout "DV1" even though there are layout selections on other entities.

  • thank you

    I tested this syntax but is not working

    with @Selection_Ex(Layout="FY_TOT") it returns the layout selection indicating the entity with active selection. But I don't want to see it, I want to see the related year.

    Typing @Selection_Ex(Layout="FY_TOT", Entity="Year") it's not resolved.

    Anyway, in the meantine I find this workaround: I set a layout in the label with same layout select and set a block to see the year involved.


  • Hi Daniele,

    Thanks for the workaround.

    You might be aware of this but just wanted to point out that the @Selection_Ex(Layout="FY_TOT", Entity="Year") will work only if you have the time entity "Year" selected in the layout. It won't work when you have the selection on the other time entities other than year.

  • ok, clear

    yes, this is the reason