Impact Analysis - Data Lifecycle


If incorrect or no data is displayed in an existing report, a developer must find the cause. This can be very time-consuming, especially if the database is very large and or was developed by other colleagues. The aim of this feature is to support the developer in exactly this search.

A first starting point is the impact analysis. This is where we start the data life cycle analysis for our reporting cube. This can be done via a new button or right-click.

The data life cycle view opens. This contains a schematic overview of the life cycle and a data view below it. An Add button appears next to the green cube icon. This informs the user that the cube is being filled by a data flow or DataReader within a procedure.

The view is expanded using the Add button. If several procedures/steps are linked to the cube, a selection dialogue is displayed to the user. This can be repeated until no further procedures/steps are found.

Temporary data cubes are becoming increasingly important. However, these only exist during the runtime of a procedure and cannot be displayed. To solve this problem, right-click on one of the procedures found to start them. Before the procedure starts, the user can select a start selection. Bookmarks can also be used here. Breakpoints are automatically set for the displayed procedure steps.

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