Meet the Captains

Holly Rieke
Holly Rieke Employee
New Community Member DACH Level 100: Foundations of Building in Board Level 200: Leveraging Board for Business Insights

Here's a brief overview of our Captains:

Bart Scott is a founding Partner of CFO Solutions LLC. He is disciplined in establishing the underlying structures that support end-to-end business intelligence solutions. From sizing and planning infrastructure to implementing integrations and data staging, Bart helps clients create the right technology framework to deliver information across the organization.

He has been working with Board Software for years and manages the Board Practice within CFO Solutions. His experience with multiple EPM solutions and business verticals enables him to assist clients with implementing their Board solution.

Helmut Heimann has been working as senior consultant in Board for 8 years in various roles. He looks back at 30+ years in the consulting business in various roles, too. He enjoys helping others maximize their learning through active mentorship and hands-on teaching. When not at work, he enjoys cooking, hiking, reading, and movies (loving Star Trek and Star Wars).

Samson Sunny has acquired three years of professional experience as a premium support specialist at Board. Working on application issues and product issues for customers has enabled him to sharpen his troubleshooting and problem solving skills. He also enjoys working on Data Integration issues and configuring new and existing connections from and to Board. Outside of work, he is an avid cricket fan and he takes pleasure in partaking in outdoor activities with his family, relishing the opportunity to be close to nature

Benoit Rolland Eyrolles has been active with Board for five years and enjoys helping others learn Board through active mentorship and hands-on teaching. He likes the ease of developing applications in Board and User Experience possibilities as much as the proximity with R&D Team; thus, he's most looking forward to the release of B14.

Fethi Zerara is a passionate EPM Consultant with extensive experience (nearly a decade) in leading SaaS and digital transformation projects across a wide range of industries, particularly using the Board platform. He is a strong advocate for data-driven decision-making and excels at creating collaborative work environments. Throughout his career, Fethi has enjoyed building and managing geographically dispersed teams, guiding them through every stage of their development. His leadership philosophy emphasizes coaching for continuous improvement and long-term success. He is committed to fostering strong partnerships with clients and stakeholders, prioritizing mutual benefits and lasting relationships.

Björn Reuber has been working in Board for 14 years in various roles within the Board support organization. He enjoys helping others maximize their learning through active mentorship, hands-on teaching and sharing best practices within solving support cases. 
When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family and listening to rock music