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There are many topics of interest to the Board Community. With a goal of expanding member's Board practice through thoughtful knowledge sharing from real-life example of Board in action—we welcome all ideas and can work together to refine topics.

Getting started is often the hardest part! What should I write about? What do members want to learn from me? Where do I begin? We're here to help!

Here is a list of ideas to help you get started. These are not requirements and can be altered to fit your area of expertise, just creative thought starters to help you see the possibilities!

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Board Release Benefits

Implementing the latest Board release brings many benefits. Here are three (five) favorites we've used in practice.

Save time and resources with Board

Organizations are being asked to do even more with less. Here are five tips to save time and maximize your resources with Board

From ‘Good’ to ‘Great’

There's no one way to get it right, but here are five tips to take your planning from good to great with Board. Helpful tips to improve your build.

Tips to support a successful implementation

Implementations can be challenging. Here are five tips to consider before you begin.

Benefits for implementing a Center of Excellence

We established a CoE. Here are five things that happened next! (Five benefits of establishing a Board Center of Excellence.)

Getting started with Board

Your organization has aligned you with Board for Intelligent Planning. Getting started is often the hardest part! Here are 5 tips to consider to set yourself up for success.

Success story

How Board supported my business practice in 2023.
How Board supported a large project.
How Board successfully replaced a legacy planning system.

Favorite Features

There are many great features in Board. Here are three that you don't want to miss!

Expanding with Board

You’ve experienced the benefits of Board firsthand and want to expand with Board in your organization. Here are five tips to guide the expansion conversation internally.

Tips to get the most value from the Board Community

The Board Community exists to support members in their platform journey. Here are five tips to maximize the Community experience.

Tips to maximize your Academy experience

The Board Academy is here to support the ecosystem in learning the platform. Here are five ways to maximize your learning opportunity.

Expanding your internal Board talent pool

When you’re ready to expand the Board skillset internally, here are five things to consider to support new team members.

Expanding the team

What makes a great Board developer? Here are five traits to look for in a candidate when planning to expand the team.

The importance of documentation for long-term success

You’ve spent hours planning the perfect implantation. It’s almost time for go-live. How do you document what you’ve done? Here are five takeaways to ensure complete documentation is in place.

Tips to keep your model in peak performance mode

2023 is quickly coming to a close. Before the new year is upon us, consider these five tips to support your model rollover into the new year.

Most useful features in Board that help me build better

As a [role] at a [company name/industry type], Board supports our daily planning practices by providing an easy path for success. Here are the top five features in Board that support our efforts toward Intelligent Planning.

Lessons learned

Learning is a journey. Here are five lessons learned in [year].
Alt: Here are five lessons learned after implementation.
Alt: Here are five lessons learned after [project name].