Fade Out "Grand Total" for structured DataViews


We are using a lot of structured data views and in most cases, the grand total line isn't usefull for us.


Is this feature planned for the future?


  • Etienne CAUSSE


    I find myself very often in the situation where I'd also like to hide the grand total while keeping the intermediate downtotals.

    I opened a ticket #21234 in October 2016 for this, but still no answer.

  • Gabriele Gallo
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    Hi Paul Stegmann, hi Etienne CAUSSE

    i think there is no such option in BOARD as of today.

    What's possible though is to remove all downtotals from the Rows (which will also remove the grand total).


    Another option could be to format the grand total line in such a way that it is "not visible" using dataview formatting options for grand total and borders.




    I hope this helps you find a solution for your case.

    If this is a feature you feel should be in a future release please feel free to submit an idea in the Ideas section



  • Etienne CAUSSE

    Hi Gabriele,

    Your Board colleagues mentioned these two solutions already but they're not completely satisfying. For example in a case I had a layout where I needed to present a hierarchy of Items, with several columns (actual, budget...) and where the top item of the hierarchy needed its total displayed. However I cannot do that without downtotals.

    Therefore I activated downtotals and formatted the grand total to be invisible.

    BUT the issue was that on some columns I had an alert (green/red for growth indicator) and this alert became visible also on the grand total, which made the result ugly.


    I'll post this in Ideas

  • Unknown
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    Hello Etienne,


    in your case the solution could be to add a block Entity with the entity at the deepest level by Row, and one algorithm for each block with alert. Then, in the algorithm you have a condition that is true only for the Total.


    For example, if I have Year and Month by Row and I know my Time Range contains 10 years, I can set the following:

    - Block (a): Cube (without Alert) - Hidden

    - Block (b): Entity [Month] - Hidden (shown in my screenshot just for better understanding)

    - Block (c): Algorithm [if(AND(b>12,b<=120),0,a)] + Alert + Summary Algorithm "Calculated"


    You apply the formatting suggested by Gabriele to make invisible the Grand Total and you get the Alert not to show up on the Grand Total. See below for two dataviews with the original case (left side with alert appearing on the Total) and the application of my suggestion (right side).

    The tricky point is to find a valid condition in the algorithm: if you want that to be covering all possible selections, I don't exclude it can be hard.




  • Etienne CAUSSE

    Hi Davide,

    Thanks for your suggestion, I'll have a look and try to find the appropriate algorithms. Indeed in my layouts it seems a bit tricky. Moreover we need to think about the users who might want to configure the layout themselves and add an Entity by row, in that case the trick is not usable. This case is really important for us since version 10.1 added the "configure layout" in web.