Unlocking Success Together: Welcome to Board Groups!

Holly Rieke
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Board Groups provide dynamic opportunities for members with similar interests, shared challenges, and common business objectives to solve problems, exchange key learnings, brainstorm, and foster meaningful connections.

Created as an opportunity for valued customers to take the lead in guiding each other, our vision is to empower customers to educate and elevate their knowledge and proficiency with Board. Successful Groups are thriving hubs where like-minded members converge to collaboratively navigate their planning journeys.

Groups are often organized around specific regions or topics of interest. In-person Group meetups—also known as roundtables, meetups, or workgroups—maximize the inherent value of Groups, fostering robust connections and networking opportunities. Complementing these physical gatherings, dedicated virtual Groups in Community provide a channel to keep the conversation going between meetups and serve as the alternative to in-person connections when necessary.

Why should I lead or participate in a Group? We’re glad you asked!

  • Enhance your Board knowledge and skills when you share challenges and solutions.
  • Create a personal network of Board users and experts.
  • Access a reservoir of real-world insights from your peers.
  • Immerse yourself in an exploration of current and future product enhancements.
  • Build connections and camaraderie—all while having fun!

Next steps:

Request to join a Group that aligns with your interests or region. (We’re just getting started, so check back often for newly-launched Groups!)

Don’t see a Group in your area? Become a Group Leader, and start a Group of your own. Check out the Group Leader Guide to get started.

Do you already have an in-person meetup scheduled? Request a New Group, add members, and continue the conversation after your event.

As a great way to bring together members for meaningful connections and valuable conversations, we look forward to adding new Groups soon. Do you have any comments or questions? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Hi

    What would be the difference between this and other forums, maybe created in LinkedIn? Would Board facilitate or mayby sponsor In-person Group meetups?

  • Holly Rieke
    Holly Rieke Employee
    DACH Level 100: Foundations of Building in Board Level 200: Leveraging Board for Business Insights 5 Likes

    @Gustavo Camacho Thank you for your question. At this time, in-person Group meetups are not sponsored by Board. However, we are taking all the feedback we're receiving this year to plan for enhancements as we move forward. Online Groups in Community are a great way to stay connected, continue conversations, and share learnings after an in-person event with a broader audience that might not have been able to attend in person.

    Our goal is to bring together the entire ecosystem here in Community to maximize connection and learning. We hope you are already frequently coming to Community to access new information—like Best Practices and How-to Guides—and leading or participating in a Group is an excellent way to make the most out of your Community experience!