About Community Captains


Welcome to the Board Community Captains program! Here, members of the Board Community come together to enable the ecosystem, support extended learning, and inspire others to do the same.

What is a Board Community Captain?

Board Community Captains are esteemed Community members who exemplify leadership, dedication, and a passion for making a difference through knowledge sharing and collaboration. They inspire through meaningful action and strive for excellence in all they do.


  • Internal and external recognition for impactful contributions generously shared with the ecosystem
  • Extension of personal growth and development through published, shareable content
  • Acknowledgement in Community, LinkedIn, newsletters, and other role-based communication channels
  • Opportunities to connect exclusively with fellow Captains of diverse roles and experiences

Selection and Requirements:

  • Captains are Community leaders, demonstrating their knowledge and commitment to the ecosystem through recent activity—earning a spot on the ScoreBoard (leaderboard) and/or various engagement badges.
  • Captains have voluntarily opted in to the Board Community Captains program, committing to one give-back opportunity this year.
  • Give-back opportunities and preferred timing are indicated at opt-in and are designed to share member expertise for the advancement of all, including (but not limited to):
    • Author a thought-leadership blog post
    • Participate in a Q&A blog interview
    • Earn all badges in the Badge of the Month challenge
    • Be a featured 3 Questions video guest

Unsure what topics would be valuable to members? Not to worry! We have plenty of ideas to get you started.

I'm interested in becoming a Captain. What's next?

If you're inspired to become a Board Community Captain and join this visible group of leaders, we encourage you to express your interest by reaching out to us at community@board.com or leaving an 'I'm interested' comment below.

We welcome individuals who are passionate about making a difference and eager to contribute to the betterment of Community!